Review: Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine

Today, A & I stopped at Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine in downtown before we went on our shopping trip. Heard about this place on Urbanspoon and were immediately drawn to it because we knew it would be under $5.

Since the two of us finally had the opportunity to do a review together, we decided we’d split this post up into 2 and try different items off the menu.

BBQ Pork Sub: I went for the BBQ Pork Sub and it came to $4.76 altogether. Instant win for downtown food. The sub isn’t massive, but definitely isn’t small. And taste-wise, I enjoyed it! Fair amount of meat and some nice hot/spicy flavour to make it interesting. I only wish the buns didn’t crumble so much 😦 But I know that crunchiness is a characteristic of all Viet subs so this sandwich definitely did it right. The only thing I was worried about was the meat. It was a tad bit red, and I’m no expert but I don’t know if it’s supposed to be that way…
Rating: 2/3

Anyways, there was a fair amount of people in line (it was about half past noon) compared to some of the other restaurants nearby (Japadog & Nu) so we took it as a good sign. The wait wasn’t bad at all, and the service was awesome for being a carryout type restaurant. I was impressed at how the owners went out of their way to say “Have a nice day!” and “Thank you” and sounded really sincere even when the store was really busy – something that restaurants forget to do these days.

Lacheeeks and I were really excited about getting to try this place and she was telling me about how other people said it was amazing. I was so happy since vietnamese food is one of my favorites and i could not wait to try it. The service was amazing considering they were pretty busy around the time we arrived. They greeted us with a hello and a smile, and when we left they said “thank you” even when it was still packed with people. When my food arrived i was so excited, i ordered the noodle soup with rare beef on the side. Sadly i was pretty disappointed with the noodle soup. I paid $7 on it and it didn’t taste amazing or out of the ordinary. When i normally go for vietnamese noodle i pay $6 for a huge bowl and it tastes amazing. I would recommend not to order the noodle soup. and if i do go again i’ll try the vietnamese sub i have heard so much about.

food rating: 0/3

overall: 2/5

Verdict: It’s REALLY hard to complain when you get a sandwich for less than $5, ESPECIALLY when you’re in downtown. Of course, since the sub was pretty tasty – I really have little else to complain about. You may not be stuffed after eating this sub, but if bloated is what you’re going for, grab two – seriously, you can afford it.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Stay tuned for A’s review!

Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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