Review: Gelarmony

Not all the flavours were perfect but what I had was really good. The dark chocolate and the Bueno were superb together! But the real winner here was the dark chocolate – I hardly ever choose dark chocolate gelato or ice cream over milk/white chocolate but by far, this was one of my favourites. The best part was that the two scoops came to just under $5 with tax and that’s including the waffle cone!

I only wish the server had asked me whether or not I wanted it in a cone instead of scooping it all into a cup, but whatever…

I don’t think I can even rate gelato places anymore, the ones I’ve tried lately have yet to disappoint me – I think it’s better off saying they’re either good or bad. On that note, Gelarmony was definitely good. I would definitely come back here if I was in downtown.

Rating: 4.5/5

Gelarmony Robson on Urbanspoon


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