Review: Joey Broadway

A friend and I were craving a quick late night bite to eat and decided to order some take out at Joey since we were in the area. Wait time was pretty sweet – only 15 mins and our food was ready. I was super excited to try out this place because I had never tried food from any Joey restaurant before.

Ahi Tuna Tacos: 1.5/3 – This was okay. There was a good mixture of veggies but altogether, it was a bit bland. This came with a side of guacamole but even the guacamole was far too watery and lacked flavour. The tuna by itself was far better than the entire taco.

California Chicken Burger & Yam Fries: 1/3 – This left me disappointed. The patty & bacon were burnt in a few places and it really took away from the taste of the burger. My friend actually admitted the one time he dined in here, they had overcooked his burger as well!  My yam fries were burnt too, and the chipotle mayo was really watered down and kind of tasteless. It only made me feel worse knowing that this burger and fries combo was $15. Greasy spoons have done it better! The sauce was sort of tasteless, I felt like it needed ketchup or bbq sauce or something! In the end, it was the guacamole from the Ahi Tuna Tacos that helped make this burger taste a bit better.

Verdict: I don’t think I would order here again, or visit a Joey in the future, especially with competitors Milestone’s and Cactus Club (EDIT: Earl’s & Cactus Club are both owned by the Fuller brothers but still are rival restaurants!) that have consistently been better. Maybe I just caught this place on a bad night, but I’d rather not spend more money trying to find out.

Overall Rating: 2/5

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One thought on “Review: Joey Broadway

  1. Competitors? Same Fuller chain restaurants (Cactus Club etc.) under different name. [ Self-puffery ]

    And how many hours at $10.25 does the meal represent? Mark-up from ingredients is 300 percent so actual food costs were??

    And are there still rounders and their bimbos hanging around? A cheaper Gotham steakhouse.

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