Review: Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna

I love Greek food and I love Stepho’s. Although I cannot comment on authenticity, I can definitely say that Stepho’s food delivers every single time. I’ve been here on multiple occasions and tried out the Souvlaki, Calamari, the Cheese Balls, and even the Roast Lamb Dinner. For being under $15 (mostly everything is under $10) it’s hard to say no.

Last night I came here with a group of friends for a catch up dinner. Note: if you didn’t know already, Stepho’s almost ALWAYS has long lineups outside its door during the dinner rush. What we hoped would be an hour wait turned into 2 hours, and it was really tough to stay in line. When we finally got inside, the waitress told us that we could actually make reservations for groups of 5-7 in the evening. Something we didn’t know beforehand and really would have saved us time!! The service was alright. We all could tell the servers were under a lot of stress and pressure, and were rushing to get orders in as soon as possible. Well, we were only there for the food anyway…

Pita Bread: 2/3 – Just your average pita bread, and your delicious side of tzatziki. I only wish they hadn’t burnt parts of the bread!

Calamari Appetizer: 3/3 Every time I order this by accident as an appetizer, I get really disappointed! For being only $2 less than the Calamari plate, you get only half the calamari! Even if you’re sharing, I suggest you go for the plate instead – it’s a way better deal. Nonetheless, the calamari was delicious! Nicely crispy and the tzatziki sauce only made it better.

Lamb Souvlaki: 3/3 The rice pilaf had a bit more butter than I anticipated, but nonetheless, was good. The Greek salad was good, the lamb was perfect, and the roast potatoes were soft and delicious. This plate was worth every cent (and more!)

Verdict: If you can stand the wait, Stepho’s is definitely the place to go for Greek food in downtown! Not perfect, and not the best Greek food in the city, but they serve delicious, affordable, large portions that will fill your stomach and satisfy your tastebuds.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna on Urbanspoon


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