Review: Six Acres

Located right behind the Gassy Jack statue, Six Acres is a cozy pub with primitive decor and a chill atmosphere. They have brick walls, vintage chairs, candlelight, and menus bound  between old book covers. Like the rest of Gastown, Six Acres makes you feel as though you’ve walked into an entirely different time and place!

The only thing I ate here was their poutine. Fries, cheese curds, onions – just your average poutine. However, the couple at the table next to me had ordered the House Fries and added double smoked bacon to it – THIS looked way better than what my friend and I were having. Definitely will try that next time.

Key Points:

  • Decor is the epitome of Gastown’s primitive, old school vibe
  • Has a small selection of board games
  • Small, so tables fill up quickly

Verdict: I would come back here! Although I don’t know much about their food, I can definitely say this place has a great atmosphere and good service – enough that I would want to bring a few friends here if I were in the neighbourhood.

Six Acres on Urbanspoon


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