Review: Gallery Cafe

Location, location, location. Located up the steps and outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, this cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating. Let me just say that the patio works wonders for sunny days – it had me sold. The patio gives you a view of Robson Square and the Law Courts Inn, one that you wouldn’t get to see very well otherwise.

For a cafe, they have a good selection of quiches, paninis and sandwiches, all of which come with a small side of salad. Prices are inexpensive, but for generally more pricey compared to other cafes. You can also choose to pay for service or to order from the cashier and serve yourself. (Personally, I would just do it myself – however the choice is quite nice!) When I visited, there was a small jazz band playing, and it made the sunny day feel even better!

Sadly, the quiche I ordered wasn’t as fresh as I had hoped, but was still OK. It’s not like it ruined my afternoon or anything. Next time I’ll try something else.

Key Points:

  • sit out on the patio on sunny days
  • it’s probably better to line up and order from the cashier rather than pay for service
  • live music on certain afternoons!

Verdict: The food here is by no means extraordinary, but there will always be something so enchanting about being in a beautiful place with a beautiful view, with beautiful music playing in the background. For that, the Gallery Cafe will be a place I’ll return to.

Gallery Café on Urbanspoon


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